About data warehouse and SSIS

data warehouse allows companies to create a consolidated view of their enterprise data, optimized for reporting and analysis. It is an aggregated, sometimes summarized copy of data specifically structured for dynamic queries and fast, efficient business analytics.

The data can be collected from multiple sources and added into the data warehouse using the ETL process (which Extracts the data from sources, Transforms the data to fit the destination tables and Loads the processed data into destination).

There are several tools for implementing the ETL process, but one of the most popular is SSIS provided by Microsoft. This is a platform for data integration and workflow applications. It is very simple to use, because it has a lot of task components that only need o be dragged into the design surface. A basic SSIS package can be created by anyone, without any programming knowledges.

All the examples from this tutorial will be based on SSIS tool.


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